Grinch Green V1490

I feel like a naughty little elf in this dress. Or a gamine Grinch. Every year around the holidays, Keith teases me and calls me The Grinch. To be fair, I do have some Grinch-esque tendencies, such as calling Christmas a consumerist holiday (well it is, OK?), and generally not being as merry or as bright as some people would like. After years of defending myself against these wild accusations, this year I figured I'd just go with it and make a Grinch-green dress. Way to turn it around on him, right? Anyway, I have to make this post quick--I've got dinner with me--I can't cancel that again.

This is a Nicola Finetti for Vogue pattern. I confess I didn't know the designer until seeing her recent Vogue release, but she has some rad stuff. It still blows my mind that we seamstresses can access designer patterns and make our own versions--it's like being let into the designer's head and allowed to make edits/changes.

Anyway, I decided this pattern is exactly the right amount of quirky for a novelty Christmas dress. The fabric is a shantung sateen from, which was affordable and has the perfect amount of body. This dress is fully lined; I used a poly lining fabric from Joann.

Other than a couple embarrassing mistakes that happened in carelessness (I may have cut the front skirt piece out backwards, and I may have also sewed the left zipper on backwards, oops), this went together pretty well. Asymmetrical designs are always a brain-teaser for me, and I need to learn to slow down when cutting them out. But how else would I learn patience? Eh, eh? For real, I think sewing teaches us, among other things, patience with ourselves. You have to be able to calmly rip out stitches and painstakingly sew them again. Sewing is a game where tilt is not an option (poker reference lol).

Well I won't keep you guys any longer. From here, it's onwards to NYE-dress sewing, 2017, and beyond!

Happy Holidays!



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