Red Ruffles (Kyoto Sweater)

Hello lovelies! I can't believe the holidays are already upon us. This 4 day weekend was such a welcome reprieve for me. We continued our tradition of cooking duck on T-day, since it's a smaller bird and works better for 2 people. It also happens to be delicious (hint: if you are cooking duck, make goat cheese mousse on the side. It takes the duck from good to out-of-this-world).
This month, on my continued quest for practical sewing, I made a very easy, wearable Kyoto Sweater by Papercut Patterns. I am a late-comer to Papercut, but I have fallen hard. The femininity of their designs combined with their eco-conscious packaging is all but irresistible to me.
The Kyoto Sweater is a pretty straight-forward take on a drop shoulder design. Ruffles are added into the shoulder seam. This is a quick make, suitable for a beginner. Something to note: Papercut tends to add quite a bit of ease to some of their patterns. According to their size chart, I am an XS, a size I haven't worn…

Python Print Separates

Hello, my lovelies. I have had a lot on my mind lately, and have been relatively quiet on social media. I am still grappling with who exactly my audience is, and what exactly I should be saying to them/you. I have wanted to expand this blog outwards, to include thought posts for some time, but have a strangely intense amount of trepidation with taking this step, especially when you consider I report to myself only in this space. It is still a public space; and there are many inflammatory topics, which incidentally, happen to be some of the topics I think most need to be discussed. Any way, I will continue to wrestle with myself regarding this, and in the mean time, here is some stuff I made recently.
I made a coordinating Linden Sweatshirt and Axel Skirt. I initially wanted these two beauties to be worn together, but they actually ended up looking pretty dowdy as an outfit. I think because I made the sweatshirt so over-sized; if I sized it down and maybe shortened the skirt to knee len…

Sweaters in September

Hello my lovelies. I hope everyone is having a beautiful September. Although I am a Summer gal at heart, I am pretty relieved to see the rain return to Washington and wash away this drought. There have been wildfires up and down the West Coast this past Summer, causing air quality problems and generally being the Debbie Downers of an otherwise enjoyable outdoor season. It actually rained during this shoot, and we had to run between the rain drops to capture these photos. It started raining much harder a couple minutes in, and we were only able to get a couple good shots, so I hope you like them.
This is my Coppelia Cardy, and my first time making up something by Papercut Patterns. I particularly love the packaging for Papercut Patterns, and the sturdy, recycled paper they print their patterns on. I'm not sure why it took me as long as it did to realize they have a really great collection of patterns. I could easily see myself making up several of their other patterns in the near …

One Last Summer Dress/ Ogden Cami

Hello, my lovelies. Can you believe Summer is already winding to a close? Last month was an exciting one for me-- I travelled the furthest away from home I've ever been, all the way to Fiji for some much-needed rest, sun, and ocean-basking. It was wonderful to slow down and break away from the relentless daily grind for a short while, and I felt completely re-set upon my return. It's weird, but being very far from my daily life seemed to help me gain some perspective on it. I was able to take a bird's eye view of my own life, which helped me pinpoint where to focus my energy moving forward. All the world's a stage, and I, merely a player. Or something like that ;) I also had a monumental birthday; let's just say I changed decades. Anyway, let's talk about this dress, shall we?
This is the beautiful Ogden Cami from True Bias, lengthened into a dress. Since the return of the popularity of the slip dress, I've been trying to find a simple, uncomplicated slip …

V9251, Turn Up The Heat!

Hey guys! I hope everyone's July is going swimmingly. July and August are tied for my favorite months of the year. I am a sucker for Summer Heat. It's also Leo season grrr :) I've been enjoying snatches of this Summer wherever and whenever I can. Life has been busy as ever, and I often find myself wishing there were more hours in the day. There simply is not enough time for all the easy breezy Summer dresses I would like to make. That it's beautiful outside more often than not also calls me away from my sewing machine quite a bit. I love sewing, but I love nature more. Here is my latest make!
This is V9251, a beautiful and simple pattern that hasn't forgotten how to turn up the heat. My version is sans pockets and sleeves; I simply didn't think the dress needed either. I know for extremely skilled seamstresses, making patterns with tons of details and flourishes can be very gratifying as you are able to really showcase your own crafts[wo]manship. I am in a pla…

Spring Daisy V1287

Oh, hey guys! Remember me? It's been a while! [Boring blogger apology for not posting in 2 months] Can you ever forgive me? Keith and I moved last month, from an apartment into a charming, tiny Victorian house here in Bellingham (renting, not owning, in case you're curious). And the house in the pictures above is not where we live lol. I imagine that house belongs to a very old, very sweet lady with many doilies, and many cats. We bought our first dining room table, and have been doing other strange things like buying art to put on the walls. We have been moving away from our bachelor/ette pad mentality, and attempting to embrace adulthood and home decor. "Let's become one of those couples that makes everyone use coasters!" I said gleefully to Keith during a recent trip to Bed Bath and Beyond. "And if they don't use coasters, we'll start droning on about how beautiful and expensive all of our wood furnishings are." This idea pleased me a great …

Sointu Kimono Tee

Oh heyyy guys! The weather decided to play nice with us today up here in B-Ham. The sun even teased us with a couple appearances. Heading down to the beach for some photos was an obvious choice. The light was pretty soft even in midday due to the cloud cover. I'm becoming something of a cloudy day hedonist living in this part of the country. 
I made the Sointu Kimono Tee by Named Patterns. This went together like cake using my serger and a commodious knit. This pattern was comprehensible and a breeze to sew up. There's not a whole lot to say about this one except that I'm pleased with how this turned out and plan to actually wear it a lot.
Other than that, 2017 is off to a promising start. I have been going to the gym 3-4 times weekly, usually with Keith, and I even have some cool new IT Band issues to show for it! So I'll probably be focusing on upper body this week :/ . Keith and I are also looking for a new place in April, so we are keeping pretty busy these days.