Butterflies and Blossoms, V9296

Hey guys, happy April! Spring has sprung in my part of the world, and I was quite antsy to get my hands on a juicy Spring dress project. Enter V9296 and butterfly print fabric. First I fell in love with the pattern, then the fabric, and before I knew it, I could see no other turn of events then that they simply must go together. Nevermind that I didn't have nearly enough fabric for what the pattern demanded. What a pedestrian problem! Love conquers all! I charged ahead armed with my vision, my feelings, and my seam ripper. I was going to need all of them ;)
I cut out a mixture of views A and C of the pattern, modifying as I went to save fabric. I had 3 yards of 45" rayon printed fabric, and somehow, I coaxed this dress out of the yardage. The pattern calls for 5 1/8 yards of 45" fabric (insert horrified face emoji). I typically buy fabric in 3 yard increments because most of the dresses I make require slightly less than that amount, and I don't always know which pat…

Sapporo Coat

Oh hey guys! It's March! I meant to post this one in February. Ah life, you fickle trickster, you. Of course now that I finished my first piece of outerwear, the weather seems to be changing and suggesting Spring. Yesterday was a balmy, sunny day here in Bellingham, and perfect for taking photos. I think I had only 2 insults hurled at me during this photo shoot from passerby, which is, you know, not good but not all that bad, either lol.
I made a Sapporo Coat by Papercut Patterns. This is a great beginner outerwear pattern. The lines are clean and simple, and there aren't any unnecessary flourishes; it's truly a minimalist piece. The pockets in this pattern are built into the pattern pieces so that they finish themselves in a really intuitive way.
I used a loosely weaved wool suiting. The only hiccups I had sewing this were with fraying. I took every precaution with a fabric likely to fray: I fray-checked and serged, and it still frayed. Even after I sewed up the shell, o…

New Years Dress 2017-2018, or V1545

2017, you were an alright year. 2017 didn't have the sweeping life changes in store that 2016 did (I'm looking at you, cross-country move), but it was a year of small victories and continued progress towards some of my personal and professional goals. I turned 30 this year, travelled the furthest away from my birthplace I've ever been (Fiji), and picked up skiing. Turning 30 was monumental for me, and prompted me to evaluate my plans for the next 5-10 years, and where/who I'd like to be. I feel like I'm on a specific track, which is headed towards a specific station, and I am at peace with the journey. My plans are materializing before me and feel pleasantly within reach.
Anyway, I made this cool dress for New Years. If you've read this blog for a while, you know I'm kind of into NYE. It's my favorite holiday, and every year I make it a point to go out and do something fun. It's the one holiday I give myself permission to wear whatever ridiculous, …

Red Ruffles (Kyoto Sweater)

Hello lovelies! I can't believe the holidays are already upon us. This 4 day weekend was such a welcome reprieve for me. We continued our tradition of cooking duck on T-day, since it's a smaller bird and works better for 2 people. It also happens to be delicious (hint: if you are cooking duck, make goat cheese mousse on the side. It takes the duck from good to out-of-this-world).
This month, on my continued quest for practical sewing, I made a very easy, wearable Kyoto Sweater by Papercut Patterns. I am a late-comer to Papercut, but I have fallen hard. The femininity of their designs combined with their eco-conscious packaging is all but irresistible to me.
The Kyoto Sweater is a pretty straight-forward take on a drop shoulder design. Ruffles are added into the shoulder seam. This is a quick make, suitable for a beginner. Something to note: Papercut tends to add quite a bit of ease to some of their patterns. According to their size chart, I am an XS, a size I haven't worn…

Python Print Separates

Hello, my lovelies. I have had a lot on my mind lately, and have been relatively quiet on social media. I am still grappling with who exactly my audience is, and what exactly I should be saying to them/you. I have wanted to expand this blog outwards, to include thought posts for some time, but have a strangely intense amount of trepidation with taking this step, especially when you consider I report to myself only in this space. It is still a public space; and there are many inflammatory topics, which incidentally, happen to be some of the topics I think most need to be discussed. Any way, I will continue to wrestle with myself regarding this, and in the mean time, here is some stuff I made recently.
I made a coordinating Linden Sweatshirt and Axel Skirt. I initially wanted these two beauties to be worn together, but they actually ended up looking pretty dowdy as an outfit. I think because I made the sweatshirt so over-sized; if I sized it down and maybe shortened the skirt to knee len…