Notes From The Comeback Kitten/ Papercut Patterns Ravine Dress

Huzzah! My fair readers, it is so wonderful to be writing to you again! Did you miss me? Hopefully not too much? I missed writing to you, but these last few months have been full of movement, and a lot of change for me. This is the first day of my staged comeback ;) I am alive, I am well, and I seem to look pretty good? Joking aside, these last 6 months have been pretty shit lol. I used to never say words like shit on this blog, preferring instead to use cutesy Shakespearean insults that people were really unsure the meaning of, but it's been that kind of year. Now I say shit. I typically try to keep my social postings extremely positive, not because I'm trying to be fake, but because I don't want to drag everyone else down into my emotional/psychological vortex. Ya know? Because I like you guys, I don't tell you everything. Well, that's how I typically do it. This year, life decided to hand my ass back to me. It's been a struggle. I don't want to go into …

Slip Into Interlude, B6288

Forest nymph or tarot-reading third period ditcher? Remains to be seen, I guess. I like to think I'm a little of both. It's been a while since I posted. This last month and a half has been both incredibly strange and difficult. I ended a 4+ year relationship with my significant other and a 2+ year relationship with my former employer. I'm facing another cross-country move. The man behind the curtain has been peering out at me, see how the curtain rustles? Luckily, sewing is a hobby/skill I picked up specifically as something to do to steady my hands and calm my spirit when my brain is exhausted with analysis. So, amidst everything else, I managed to finish this simple project.

This is B6288, a vintage slip pattern I bought on Etsy. You may remember this silk charmeuse fabric as the lining on my Sapporo Coat a few months back. I had the foresight to buy enough for a couple projects.

This slip is pretty minimal in design. I did make a few mods, as the pattern only came in 1…

Lemon Spice/New Look 6861

Oh hello, lovely readers! I'm here to show you my version (somewhat altered) of New Look 6861, my first foray into sewing with a vintage-y pattern. If I had to guess, I'd say this pattern made its debut in the late 90s, but it's hard to know for sure. Does anyone know if there is a resource for looking up publication dates on patterns? I wasn't able to locate one in my limited research... I bought this pattern from Ragfinery here in Bellingham, a lovely little shop that sells fabric remnants, as well as 2nd hand clothing and sewing patterns/notions.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about ways I can limit the environmental impact of my personal sewing and RTW shopping habits. I learned some new things about fabric during Fashion Revolution week this year, which pushed me over the edge with polyester, in particular. I've never much liked polyester; I consider it the smelliest of fabrics with it's odor-trapping characteristics. Although I disliked polyester, I…

Butterflies and Blossoms, V9296

Hey guys, happy April! Spring has sprung in my part of the world, and I was quite antsy to get my hands on a juicy Spring dress project. Enter V9296 and butterfly print fabric. First I fell in love with the pattern, then the fabric, and before I knew it, I could see no other turn of events then that they simply must go together. Nevermind that I didn't have nearly enough fabric for what the pattern demanded. What a pedestrian problem! Love conquers all! I charged ahead armed with my vision, my feelings, and my seam ripper. I was going to need all of them ;)
I cut out a mixture of views A and C of the pattern, modifying as I went to save fabric. I had 3 yards of 45" rayon printed fabric, and somehow, I coaxed this dress out of the yardage. The pattern calls for 5 1/8 yards of 45" fabric (insert horrified face emoji). I typically buy fabric in 3 yard increments because most of the dresses I make require slightly less than that amount, and I don't always know which pat…

Sapporo Coat

Oh hey guys! It's March! I meant to post this one in February. Ah life, you fickle trickster, you. Of course now that I finished my first piece of outerwear, the weather seems to be changing and suggesting Spring. Yesterday was a balmy, sunny day here in Bellingham, and perfect for taking photos. I think I had only 2 insults hurled at me during this photo shoot from passerby, which is, you know, not good but not all that bad, either lol.
I made a Sapporo Coat by Papercut Patterns. This is a great beginner outerwear pattern. The lines are clean and simple, and there aren't any unnecessary flourishes; it's truly a minimalist piece. The pockets in this pattern are built into the pattern pieces so that they finish themselves in a really intuitive way.
I used a loosely weaved wool suiting. The only hiccups I had sewing this were with fraying. I took every precaution with a fabric likely to fray: I fray-checked and serged, and it still frayed. Even after I sewed up the shell, o…

New Years Dress 2017-2018, or V1545

2017, you were an alright year. 2017 didn't have the sweeping life changes in store that 2016 did (I'm looking at you, cross-country move), but it was a year of small victories and continued progress towards some of my personal and professional goals. I turned 30 this year, travelled the furthest away from my birthplace I've ever been (Fiji), and picked up skiing. Turning 30 was monumental for me, and prompted me to evaluate my plans for the next 5-10 years, and where/who I'd like to be. I feel like I'm on a specific track, which is headed towards a specific station, and I am at peace with the journey. My plans are materializing before me and feel pleasantly within reach.
Anyway, I made this cool dress for New Years. If you've read this blog for a while, you know I'm kind of into NYE. It's my favorite holiday, and every year I make it a point to go out and do something fun. It's the one holiday I give myself permission to wear whatever ridiculous, …